A Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Nitrite and Nitrate
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Department of P.G. Studies and Research in Chemistry, Mangalore University, Mangalagangotri-574 199, India
Badiadka Narayana   

Department of P.G. Studies and Research in Chemistry, Mangalore University, Mangalagangotri-574 199, India
Publication date: 2017-10-06
Eurasian J Anal Chem 2009;4(2):204–214
A simple, rapid spectrophotometric method for the determination of nitrite and nitrate in water, tablets and water samples have been developed. Determination of nitrite is based on the reactions involving sulfanilic acid with methyl anthranilate as the coupling agents and determination of nitrate is based on their reduction to nitrite in the presence of Zn/NaCl. The produced nitrite is subsequently diazotized with sulfanilic acid then coupled with methyl anthranilate to form an azo dye which is measured at 493 nm. The method is optimized for acidity, amount of reagents required and tolerance amount of other ions. The range of linearity for sulfanilic acid-methyl anthranilate couple was found to be 0.2-8.0 µg/ml of nitrite with molar absorptivity be 1.03x104 Lmol-1cm-1 and sandell’s sensitivity 4.5x10-3 µg cm-2. The detection limit and quantitation limit of the nitrite determination are found to be 0.93 μgmL−1 and 2.82 μgmL−1 respectively. This method has been successfully applied to the determination of trace amounts of nitrite and nitrate in water, soil and pharmaceutical preparations.
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