A Study on MQTT based Environmental Parameters, Monitoring and Alarming System
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Publication date: 2019-04-24
Eurasian J Anal Chem 2018;13(Engineering and Science SP):emEJAC181252
In today’s world IOT has played a major role in all individuals. There is a study about how to monitor the changes around the people and predicting by an alarming senses for an every single movement. In this project we propose how to monitor the person’s health-care (BP, Pulse rate, Heart rate, Temperature) and indicate to the doctor when there is fall or increase in the changes by an alarming system. Thus we provide a solution based on IOT based on environmental parameters, monitoring and alarming system using MQTT and this MQTT will collect all the necessary data from the sensor. The values collected from the DHT11 sensor is being sent to the server and the server which contains the value is being stored in the database that is the MQTT library which acts as a cloud for storing all the values and from the database all the values are being sent to the Raspberry pi3 B+ model board for monitoring the values. We can save the people when there is an increase or fall in the movements. People in danger can be monitored using an alarming system. According to our project when there is an increase or fall in the persons healthcare(BP, Pulse rate, Heart rate, Temperature)it can be monitored using DHT11 sensor and is being alarmed using an alarming system or the alarming sensor.