Application of (CAD) Modeling in Selection of Open Cast Mining Machines for Complex Structure Ore Deposits in Training of Mining Engineers
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Saint-Petersburg Mining University, RUSSIA
Vladimir V. Ivanov   

Department of Mining Engineering, Saint-Petersburg Mining University, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Online publication date: 2017-10-01
Publication date: 2017-10-01
Eurasian J Anal Chem 2017;12(Interdisciplinary Perspective on Sciences 7b):1153–1158
Urgency of researching issue determined by creating a prognosis for analyzing specific mining and geological conditions and physical and mathematical properties of rocks in selecting types of mining machines like scrapers, bulldozers and combines. The aim of research: To search dependency between types of mining machines and properties of mining face and physical and mathematical characteristics of mined rock, to exclude possibility of risks and mistakes in projecting of surface mining objects using CAD systems. Methods of research: Mathematical and statistical modeling, analyzing of technical and project documentation of load and haul machines, prognosis of using special open-pit equipment with regard to researching of its quality, usability and high mobility, method of successive approximation, generalization, concretization, synthesis in studying of equipment performance, computer modeling. Results of research: Rising professional competency of students, as important factor of ecology, culture and education. Has been established determination of annual production rate of main open-pit equipment has been established. Have been developed engineer technologies and rational organization of running mining and loading works and load coefficient of open pit equipment. Have been conducted research and analyze of dependencies for production rate determination of scrapers, bulldozers and combines performance and developed fields of their application. Has been accomplished modeling of technological processes of bulldozer mined rocks. Practical meaning: This article aimed on adaptation of educational process to new conditions, in which it exists and orientated on development of perspective methodical and educational support of mining disciplines. Information represented by this article can be useful for professionals working in industry and projecting organizations which connected with open cast mining of complex structure ore deposits.
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