Beyond Wires
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Publication date: 2019-11-26
Eurasian J Anal Chem 2018;13(4):em2018253
Unique - This world is creation of god and this e-world is a creation of man. In this e-world the information exchanges is mainly through the wires. So, the wires become the lifelines to the e-world creator. The primary means of communicating the information is through the voice and internet. The crazy man was not satisfied with this internet. He wanted to go “Beyond wires”. This craziness gave him a good way to access internet without any wires. The term wireless is used to describe the way of accessing a network or other communication partners, i.e. without a wire. The wire is replaced by the transmission of electromagnetic waves through ‘the air’. Here, in this paper we would like to present how to plan for a better communication through wireless devices. We also include step by step development of wireless communications from analogous systems to the present state of development. Future expectations over wireless communications are added in this paper.