Comparative Evaluation Of The Effect Of Pyrimidine Mapic, Derivatives Of Maleopimaric Acid In Combination With Anylocaine And Polylophacin On The Cell- And Non-Cell- Mediated Immune Response
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Bashkir State Agrarian University
leading researcher of the Ufa Institute of chemistry of the Ufa Federal research center of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Online publication date: 2018-08-08
Publication date: 2018-08-08
Eurasian J Anal Chem 2018;13(4):emEJAC04055
Of all the components of medicinal plant materials all over the world, essential oils deserve the greatest interest, including resin acids available in the bark of many wild and cultivated trees. Considering that the key element in the mechanism of action of resin acids and their derivatives is the anti-inflammatory effect, the research results reflected in this article, confirm their indirect effect, contributing to an increase in the IL-2 cytolytic function of T-killers and NK cells, which increase production of perforin and IFN-γ by these cells, activating monocytes and macrophages, which increase the synthesis and secretion of TNF-α, IL-1β, IL-6, IL-8, granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF), GM-CSF. Such a biological effect of the components of herbal medicine provides the most optimal pharmacological effect in the abovementioned pathological conditions with the least possible negative side effects, which is confirmed by randomized clinical studies in world practice. The information presented in the article reveals further prospects for studying the biological activity of resin acids, which provide a combined pharmacological effect in a number of pathological conditions in the organism of animals, both for individual use and in combination with more specific medicinal substances. At the same time, the low cost of the proposed triterpenoids undoubtedly provides their advantages in the pharmaceutical market for veterinary medicine, and in productive animal husbandry it opens up prospects for use as a means of enhancing nonspecific immunity.