Comprehensive Rehabilitation of Minors with Deviant and Delinquent Behavior: The Experience of the Russian System of Education
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Centre for Protection of Rights of Children, Moscow, RUSSIA
Publication date: 2018-12-19
Eurasian J Anal Chem 2018;13(New Science Methodology 1b):em84
The problem being studied is very important because it is connected with a high risk of the formation of minors’ deviant and delinquent behavior under contemporary social conditions and the need to find effective mechanisms and technologies for their subsequent rehabilitation and re-socialization, also in the system of education. The nature and dynamic patterns of juvenile delinquency in Russia have been analyzed and the statistical data on child and adolescent crime is presented. The system of work on minors’ rehabilitation and re-socialization in special educational institutions (further in the text referred to as SEI) of Russia subordinated to the federal and regional ministries of education has been described. Psychological, pedagogical, social, criminal characteristics of the contingent of special educational institutions have been characterized. The resources, goals and technologies of rehabilitation work of institutions have been described. The presented data of monitoring studies reflect a positive effect of the processes of adaptation, integration and re-socialization as a result of measures for the comprehensive rehabilitation of minors at SEI. The conclusion has been drawn that rehabilitation work with minors at SEI will be effective if a structural-functional integrated model for the rehabilitation of teenagers at SEI is designed and implemented. The results presented can be used by teachers, psychologists and specialists of SEI, other educational institutions, specialists of subjects for the prevention of neglect and juvenile delinquency while organizing a system of rehabilitation work with children and teenagers with deviant behavior, including those who have committed a crime.
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