Methods for the Estimation of Ellagic acid and Curcumin in Antidiabetic Herbal Formulations – A Review.

Megha Ashesh Shah 1  ,  
Harsha Patel 2,  
ROFEL, shri G.M. Bilakhia college of Pharmacy
Shri Sarvajanik Pharmacy college
Shree Dhanvantary Pharmacy College, Kim
Eurasian J Anal Chem 2017;12(4)
Publish date: 2016-12-26
Diabetes mellitus is the most common endocrine disorder, affecting 200 million worldwide. Despite the use of advanced synthetic drugs for the treatment, use of herbal remedies is gaining higher importance because of synthetic drugs have drawbacks and limitations. Antidiabetic herbal formulations (AHF) are considered to be more effective for the management of diabetes. Various Antidiabetic Herbal formulations are available in market which contain different constituents whose combine effect is necessary for the activity. Here, 2 constituents are selected i.e. Ellagic acid and Curcumin. An extensive survey of the literature published in various analytical and pharmaceutical chemistry related journals has been conducted and the instrumental analytical methods which were developed and used for determination of Ellagic acid and Curcumin as single or combination with other Herbal constituents in bulk drugs, formulations and biological fluids have been reviewed.This review covers the time period from 1972 to 2015 during which 48 analytical methods including spectrophotometric methods like U spectroscopy Chromatographic methods including HPLC, HPTLC and miscellaneous methods were reported.
Megha Ashesh Shah   
ROFEL, shri G.M. Bilakhia college of Pharmacy, "Matruchhaya", Ramji Mandir i sheri, Para Darwaja, Kheda., 387411 Kheda, India
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