Portulaca Oleracea Leaves in Broiler Diets: Effect on Chicken Performance and Health
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Publication date: 2020-10-20
Eurasian J Anal Chem 2020;15(2):emEJAC201013
Background: Portulaca oleracea L. which is commonly called purslane is a herbaceous weed that is widely distributed throughout the world. Purslane is listed in the World Health Organization as one oaf the most used medicinal plants. The purslane is the richest vegetable sources of omega-3 fatty acids, flavonoids (kaempferol, quercetin and apigenin), vitamins A, C, E and minerals. To study the impact of using Portulaca oleracea in boiler diet on performance and health of chicken. Method: Chemical composition of Portulaca oleracea leaves was performed, then five iso-nitrogenous and iso-caloric experimental broiler diets were formulated as MOL0%, POL5%, POL10%, POL15% and POL20%, respectively and supplemented to broilers (10 chicks in each concentration) for 42 day. After 42nd day. Results: The chemical composition of Portulaca oleracea leaves showed average proportions of crude fiber, crude lipids, crude protein, total sugars, reducing sugar and non-reducing sugars. The highest effect of supplementation of Portulaca oleracea poultry diets on body weight of broiler, was 2024, 2112 and 2341gm, of treatments (10, 15 and 20% of POL), respectively. Also, the more effective treatment was 20% of POL of blood biochemical, lipid profile, Liver function and haematological parameters, comparing with normal diets.