Prospects For Forming The Export Potential Of The Aviation Complex Of Ukraine On The Basis Of Public-Private Partnership
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National aviation university Kyiv Ukraine
National aviation university Kyiv Ukraine
Online publication date: 2018-05-25
Publication date: 2018-05-25
Eurasian J Anal Chem 2018;13(3):emEJAC04050
The article deals with the process of formation of the export potential strategy of the aviation industry. The article describes the peculiarities of aircraft manufacturing and the building blocks which reflect the general potential of the aviation industry of Ukraine. Important and extremely relevant for the Ukrainian economy is the use of recommendations in combination with the creation of a favorable investment climate in the country through the formation of competitive markets, observance and fulfillment of all conditions and obligations assumed by itself in accordance with signed, ratified international agreements, updating of approaches to formation export potential of the industries of the country's economy. The result should be an increase in the level of economic security, the introduction of effective mechanisms of cooperation between the state and private partners, and, ultimately, raising the socioeconomic level of living. The article analyzes the successful international and national experience of using public-private partnership (PPP) and evidence that it is an instrument of partnership, equal and mutually beneficial cooperation between the state and territorial communities in the person of the relevant state authorities or local self-government bodies and business, within the framework of which joint efforts are directed at realization of projects which allow to solve important socio-economic and other problems. The special interest of the authorities in the use and development of the PPP is related to the benefits of this mechanism for attracting resources (financial, investment, technological, and management), especially in the current situation of significant discrepancy between the needs of economic development and available budgetary resources. A professional, consistent approach to the use of PPPs can ensure the use of internal development resources at the regional and local levels, which will have a positive impact on the implementation of the new state policy. The participation of a private investor can ensure more efficient use of financial resources and involve the experience of a private partner for the effective implementation of PPP projects. Prospects For Forming The Export Potential Of The Aviation Complex Of Ukraine On The Basis Of Public-Private Partnership