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Teknik Komputer
Manajemen Informatika
Online publication date: 2018-07-24
Publication date: 2018-07-24
Eurasian J Anal Chem 2018;13(4):emEJAC04337
To manage land for farming both agriculture and plantations will certainly be carried out. In the process of cutting grass, we can cut the grass on the laha so that it can be planted. The process of cutting grass can be done in various ways both manually and automatically. To open new land faster, we cut grass with engine power. But the details and limitations of cutting machines are there. So it needs to be made a robot that works in an automatic way without any human assistance to do the cutting so that the work is done quickly and the wider range of cutting results is greater. The system will work using remote technology from a distance using Bluetooth. This system aims to connect communication between wheeled robots and smartphones through bluetooth communication media. From the results of the testing, the author succeeded in applying Bluetooth technology to wheeled robots by giving instructions such as forward, backward, right turn, turn left, and stop. This motorbike is used to cut grass with large areas so there is no need to do enough with two or three people took turns working on grass cutting in terms of clearing new land. But the system here is in miniature form so that it needs to be implemented separately into the real form that will be faced in terms of cutting grass. Robots are controlled with Android, to move the dc motor, and to use motor drivers so that the robot can move around with the commands stored in the program. This research has been successful and will be developed towards a better one with a real tool with large capacity.