Remote Power Monitoring, Computing and Controlling through GSM Network
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Publication date: 2019-11-26
Eurasian J Anal Chem 2018;13(4):em2018243
The development of a GSM Automatic Power Meter Reading System is presented in this paper. The GSM based Automatic Power Meter Reading System consists of electro mechanical Power Meter which is installed at every consumer side and Electricity e-Billing System at Electricity Board side. The GSM Power Meter is electro mechanical meter with embedded GSM modem which utilizes the GSM network to send the SMS. At the Electricity Board side an e-billing system is used to manage all the received SMS meter readings, compute the billing cost, update the database, and publish the notification to respective consumer through SMS and Website. The complete system is made up of a GSM electromagnetic Power Meter (GPM) installed in every consumer’s unit and SMS Gateway, Application Terminal, Database Server and Web Server install at energy provider side. The System is working with GSM network to retrieve the power meter reading using SMS. The GPM is electromagnetic power meter which utilize the GSM network to send SMS back to provider. The GPM is integration of single phase power meter with GSM modem. A SIM card with a unique special number is require for GPM to receive and reply its meter reading to provider using SMS. Use of GSM (Global system for Mobile Communications) in the proposed system provides the numerous advantages of wireless network systems. The Electricity board saves money by the control of theft in energy meter and also more beneficial for customer side and the Electricity board side.