Security Enhancement of Public key Cryptography through Randomize the Seed value
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Online publication date: 2018-05-25
Publication date: 2018-04-30
Eurasian J Anal Chem 2018;13(2):emEJAC201813
Cryptography is the art of securing information by applying encryption and decryption on data to be transmitted which ensures that the original message can be understood only by the right person A Random Number Generator (RNG) may be a machine (or) physical device designed to get a sequence of numbers or symbols that lack pattern (i.e.) seem indiscriminately. Computational Intelligence (CI) is one of the popular approaches of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The purpose of CI is used to optimize the complex problems. Optimization is used role in optimizing the objective function. The optimization algorithms are mainly used to optimizing the numerical functions. Swarm Intelligence (SI), can be defined as the pointed behavior of intelligent swarms. SI mainly comes under evolutionary computing. Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) is one of the admired swarm intelligent approaches which are used for optimizing the numerical functions to find the best solution out of the solution space. Numerical function optimization plays an important. ABC is also known as population-based search procedure. Also, the original ABC algorithm combines both local search methods and global search methods that are being performed by the employed and onlooker bees for balancing the exploration and exploitation capacity. This paper proposes the concept of evolutionary algorithms, Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm (ABC). ABC focuses on only the best possible solution. The Random key is generated using ABC which produces a numeric key, it is important for a key to possess uncertainty for key force. The generated random key results shaped by this algorithm to be tested for serial test and run test. This method is observed to give quick and better performance results having sensible and possible implementation.