Strategic Approach in RASCH Measurement Model Using GDIF for Mooney Problem Checklist (MPCL) Psychometric Properties
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Online publication date: 2018-08-08
Publication date: 2018-08-08
Eurasian J Anal Chem 2018;13(4):emEJAC04052
This study is aimed to apply the strategic approach in Rasch model using the Gender Differential Item Functioning (GDIF) for Mooney Problem Checklist (MPCL) items in the context of polytechnics. MPCL was measured by eleven dimensional category covers issues such as (i) health; (ii) finance, (iii) recreation; (iv) courtship; (v) social; (vi) personal; (vii) religion; (viii) family; (ix) career; (x) education and (xi) learning. The MPCL was administered to 252 sample of respondents selected from seven polytechnics in Malaysia and convenience sampling technique was employed. Data were analyzed using WINSTEPS 3.71.0. The findings showed 21 items were eliminated based on GDIF, MNSQ and PTMEA. A total of 244 items was found to have met the main assumptions of Rasch model. The study suggested that the items need to be restructured in order to ensure the fairness among genders. Thus, this study provided a significant contribution to the aspect of psychometric properties for MPCL.