Synthesis of Nano-Alumina Thin Film Coating on Phosphated Surface of Inconel 718 Alloy and Investigation of its Tribological and Corrosion Properties
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Department of Materials Engineering, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, IRAN
School of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, IRAN
Online publication date: 2018-02-02
Publication date: 2018-02-02
Eurasian J Anal Chem 2018;13(3):em14
In this research, Aluminum Oxide nanoparticles were made using the Sol-Gel methods, coating on phosphated substrate on Inconel 718. The study crystal structure and surface morphology respectively by FE-SEM and XRD Analysis were performed. Evaluate the properties of abrasion, by Test Pin-on-disc and calculated hardness variations by Microhardness test was performed on the coatings. The Polarization tests were used for study the corrosion resistance properties coating. The XRD results of coatings heat treated in 300, 500 and 800 °C, confirmed was amorphous nature of coatings. Just in the coating heat treated at 800 ° C can be weak peaks of gamma phase alumina (γ-Al2O3) can be seen. The FE-SEM images of the samples indicate, Coating particle size contains 46 nm and just uniform structure and free of porosity can be observed in the coating heat treated at 300 °C. The results of the test abrasion showed that phosphate substrate surface increases the wear resistance of the alumina Coating. The corrosion tests showed that the synthesis of nano-alumina Coating on phosphate surface of Inconel 718 alloy had a great effect on increasing corrosion resistance.
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