To Achieve Source Anonymity in Wireless Network Using Network Coding
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Publication date: 2019-11-23
Eurasian J Anal Chem 2017;12(4):125–131
Wireless networks have been widely deployed in the access network area due to their benefits such as convenience, mobility, and low cost. However, they still suffer from the main critical issues are lack of security and privacy threats. The Existing privacy-preserving techniques such as Onion Routing in which the attackers easy to attack the messages in intermediate nodes. We propose a Network coding based privacy-preserving scheme With homomorphic encryption on Global Encoding Vectors (GEVs). It offers two significant privacy preserving features such as packet flow untraceability and message content confidentiality. Our objective is to achieve source anonymity by preventing traffic analysis and flow tracing attacks. With the employment of HEFs (Homomorphic Encryption Function) to GEVs, the confidentiality of messages is effectively guaranteed which makes difficult for the attackers to recover the GEVs. Even when some intermediate nodes are compromised the adversaries still cannot decrypt the GEVs because we employ message recoding at intermediate nodes based on network coding.