Waste Power Generation Analysis Using Landfill Gas
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Publication date: 2018-12-25
Eurasian J Anal Chem 2018;13(6):emEJAC181148
Landfill (Final Disposal Place) annually generates Landfill Gas (LFG) emissions which are the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the decomposition of natural mi-croorganisms in the landfill. To reduce these emissions into the atmosphere, it is necessary to review the implementation of Waste to Energy (WtE) Power Plant by using landfill gas (LFG) of Bandung waste city. The things that will be seen from this research is the opera-tional time of the plant and the power that can be generated from the plant. The method that will be used is to simulate by using LandGEM software to know the modeling of LFG emission of Bandung City’s waste by giving input data in the waste acceptance per year and Ebsilon Professional to know the electric power generated and the improvement of effi-ciency and power to determine the suitable system. From this research it is found that for mass flow rate 1.5 kg / s, the operational time of generation in real condition is 8 years and in new condition is 25 years. The maximum power value that WtE power plant can achieve by using this LFG is 10,584 MW with estimated electric generation cost is 498,36 (IDR)/KWh.