Simultaneous Estimation of Ramipril and Telmisartan in Tablet Dosage Form by Spectrophotometry

Popat B Mohite, Ramdas B Pandhare, Vaidhun H. Bhaskar


Two simple ,accurate, sensitive and specific methods are described for the simultaneous determination of Ramipril and Telmisartan in binary mixture. The method based on UV-spectrophotometric determination of two drugs, Method A is by using multicomponant method. It involves absorbance measurement at 205.0 nm(λmax of Ramipril) and 291.0 nm (λmax of Telmisartan) in 0.2M H2SO4;. Beer’s law is obeyed in the concentration range of 5-40 μg mL-1 for Ramipril and 2-20 μg mL-1 for Telmisartan. Method B is graphical absorbance method which is based on measurement of absorbance of Ramipril and Telmisartan at 222.0nm (iso-absorptive point of Ramipril and Telmisartan) and 291.0 nm (λmax of Telmisartan) Both these methods have been successively applied to pharmaceutical formulation and were validated according to ICH guidelines.


Ramipril; Telmisartan; Multicomponant Method; Graphical Absorbance Method

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