Physical Culture Teacher Professional Activity Problems in Polyethnic Educational Organization

Svetlana S. Ivanova, Elena V. Bystritskaya, Irina Y. Burkhanova, Anastasiya V. Stafeeva, Yuriy S. Zhemchug

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The teacher on physical training, professional activity, poly-ethnic educational organization, pedagogical problems


Purpose-The presented topic relevance is conditioned by the fact that experts in the physical culture field are experiencing problems in the course of work in a poly-ethnic educational organization that reduces their professional activities effectiveness, the timely identification of which will optimize the process of teachers’ professional education. Methodology - The goal is to identify the most significant problems of young and experienced teachers’ activity on physical culture in a poly-ethnic educational organization. The study leading method on this topic is to monitor the health environment in a poly-ethnic educational organization, which includes interview, analysis, observation and data graphical interpretation. Findings - The paper presents the study results of teachers’ professional activity problems on physical education in a poly-ethnic educational organization, the positions of undergraduates-interns, young and experienced teachers regarding the identified problems solution are considered. Significance - The materials can be used to organize specialists’ modular training on physical culture to work in poly-ethnic educational organizations within the framework of secondary vocational, higher and additional professional education.